Lori Ann Corelis  ~ Living a creative life . . .

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I grew up with a needle in my hand thanks to my mother who was a wonderful seamstress.  The greater part of my life has been spent sitting cross legged on the floor, stitching like a tailor in a children's fairy tale.  In "adulthood" I still live in that fairytale land, creating rabbits, bears and other woodland creatures. I fid inspiration in a long list of "loves", from cherished antique children's clothing, mohair toys & holiday treasures, to rich textiles, trims and sewing implements. even a special checkered button or a little velvet box can set my mind a twirl with ideas to create around it!  These days I do my best to incorporate as many antique and vintage materials into each original piece as possible. I feel it adds to the "soul" of the character and helps to preserve a bit of the past. 

I also enjoy creating antique inspired wool-work and  pincushions of hand dyed woolens, vintage linen and velvets, some of which include a small mohair animal. 

2017 marks my 30th. year living this creative life and each day I awake loving it!

Thank you to one and all who make this journey possible . . .

Lori Ann